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Written by: Emmanuel Adiotu

April 13th, 2021 - Lekki, Lagos (2 mins read)

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September 2018, I wasn't so sure about how my life would go

The thoughts to end it all has been on my mind

I had just finished my BSC program from the university of Ibadan

It was 6pm in the evening

I was quietly sitting at the security post of the Factory where I was working,

waiting to take the night shift from my colleagues

I was paid N18,500

As a graduate, I really do not have a choice

I couldn't get a better job

So, I had to stick with this one

N18,500 was never enough for me, I needed more

I was 25 and I knew I was going to get married and raise a family someday

I didn't want such hard life for my children

N18,500 couldn't even pay my bills not to talk of that my family

My girlfriend left me

She said, ​she needed a better man

And, then it dawn on me that I needed to elevate my financial life to be a better man

So, I knew I needed a better source of income

And then I made a decision and embark on a journey for a better financial life

So, I started searching for another better source of income

I started surfing the internet looking for a business opportunity

I finally found one

A legitimate and fast profiting one

The business of buying and selling

Which many people regard to as ecommerce or mini importation

Ecommerce is about buying & selling, you buy & import product at a very cheap price and sell it to make a good profit - you can make as far as N20k or even more on each product you sell

I jumped right into it using my life savings

N33,721 was all I had in my GTB account - that was my life savings

All I wanted to do was import products and start selling just as many other big ecommerce guys does

I imported one funny iron I thought people would like and buy from me


I learnt my lessons the Hardaway, I didn't even know how to sell them

I was trying to sell to everybody on my WhatsApp contact list.

Only one person bought.

A neighbor in my street, she promised to pay on install-ment

She had only paid 500 thrice (that's 1,500 out of 15,000 till date)

I was stubborn and determine to attain a better financial life

Giving up wasn't an option for me

I knew the business was profitable because I have seen & read a lot of success stories of Nigerians like me who were able to better their financial life through this business model

​All I had in mind then was, if they could do it, I too can 

I just knew there was something I didn't do right that made me fail at the first attempt

Eventually, I started asking questions and realized my folly.

I was focusing on importing and selling the product that I love not the product that the people loves and want to buy

As at then, there was this guy I met online that was doing really well in eCommerce

I decided to start following him bumper to bumper

I learnt all his strategies and started applying them one after the other

The next product I imported was an automatic body massager

I sourced and imported from a Chinese website called 1688.com

A piece of this product was selling for 60 Chinese yaun

60 Chinese yaun = N3,000 as at the time I was selling this product

First, I sold some properties and borrowed some money from friends and family

Then I imported 10pcs the product 

The cost went like this. 

10 pcs = 30,000   (1pc = N3000)

Shipping fee from china = 12,000

Facebook Ads = 16,000

cost of shipping to customers who ordered in Nigeria = 18,000

Total = N76,000

And then I sold out all the 10pcs in just 1 week at N19,500 per piece

Below is a screen-shot of the website I created and sold it on

Here is what the profit looks like

N19,500 x 10 = 199,500

Costs N76,000 - N199,500 

= N = 123,500 pure profits (just from one single week) 

Seeing the amount of profit I made in just 1 week, I kept importing and selling until the product got saturated and stopped selling. 

But then I still made over N3.2m in profits before it got saturated. 

This brings me to 3 important ecommerce business lessons

Lesson Number 1:

Only Import and sell a problem solving products that people really wants to buy

The question here is, how do you know the products that people wants to buy?

Wait...before I answer this question

I want you to stop for a moment and think about what many people spend their money on asides shelter, transport, school fees, food and drinks.

If you think about it carefully, you will agree with me that most of what we spend money on comes down to physical goods that help us to live a more comfortable life and enjoy life better.

Things like:

- Fine clothing

- Shoes

- Health supplements

- Creams

- Lingerie

- Make-Up and other Beauty products

- Jewelry (Beads, wristwatches etc)

- Stuff for Kids

- Fitness Products

- Bathroom products

- Phones, Tablets and other mobile gadgets

- Computers and accessories

- Etc

The market is so HUGE

You can simply pick a product out of the above list and run a test to see whether it would sell before you import them in large quantities

lesson number 2:

Don't Import a product in large numbers until it has proven to be a HOT product

Exactly the mistake I made and this mistake is common among many new e-commerce entrepreneurs

Lesson number 3:

Be a disciple to a successful mentor and save yourself the stress of learning the hard-way

The 3 lessons I listed above are just a few out of many

But if You can keep them in mind before importing jumping right into e-commerce, it would be help you succeed fast.

As at today, my ecommerce business has helped my financial life

I recently bought & invested 2 cars in the uber business

I currently live alone in a spacious two bedroom apartment in the expensive part of Lekki, Lagos

And I try not to miss my once-a-year vacation outside the country

Last year, I spent my 14-days vacation in Dubai and I visited a lot of nice places

Below are some of the pictures I took during my vacation

They're lovely... right? 

Trust me, Dubai is a very nice place to visit. you should try and visit it too

But keep in mind

All of these didn't happened by chance, they happened because I was willing to put in some extra effort and I didn't just give up like many others do

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