If full-time housewives and Computer illiterates are using this 72-hour blueprint to triple their monthly earnings, imagine what it can do for you

How to Use A Few Hours Of your “Spare Time” to Make An Additional N100,000 Per Week...

Dear friend,

I’m writing this to inform you that you can now turn a few hours of your “spare time” into as much as N100,000 per week!

That’s an additional N400,000 per month. 

Do the math:

Multiply N400,000 over a period of 12 months and you can be...

N4.8million Richer by December 31st! No Matter What Happens to The Nigerian Economy

And you’re doing it with your Spare time alone.

So it doesn’t matter whether you’re working full-time or whether you’re unemployed or self-employed.

Sound impossible?

It is not, and here’s why...

  • You do not need to be a computer wizard

  • You do not need any special skills

  • You do not need any experience

  • You do not need to quit your job (if you have one)

  • You do not need to import anything

  • You do not need to own a product or create one

  • You do not need to register a business

  • You do not need to employ anybody

All you have to do is copy a simple spare-time income-generator formula I’ll be showing you shortly.

Just that, nothing more.

And the results will marvel you.

I’ve introduced this powerful income-generator system to drop-outs, undergraduates, government employees, private employees and you know what?

Even full-time Housewives Are

Making Millions With This!

Using just 2-hours of their spare time every day online… from the comfort of their homes… without stress

Take {Mrs Onome A.} for example:

A full-time housewife who used to be a Secondary school physics teacher and she says she’s been using this simple spare-time income-generator to earn nothing less than N450,000 per month in the past 18-months... 

N433,450 x 14 (months) = N6,068,000 so far. (See screen shot below) 

Here is what she said;  "{When I discovered the Spare-time Income generator, I was teaching Physics to SS1 students. I seriously needed a second source of income. Before long, I was making a nice extra income from it. (It was somewhere between N85,000 and N115,000 a week. I remember thinking, "I'm already making more than my salary")"

But Mrs Onome is not alone.

N7.5Million in 8Months 

Didn’t Even Know How to Use a Computer

So far, one of the most intrigued success story of the novel spare-time income-generator system is that of Olagoke Oladotun from Ibadan, Nigeria

When he started, he didn’t even know how to use a computer properly. He didn’t know how to save a document on Microsoft word.

After I introduced this system to him sometime in February 2019, he took about 2-weeks to go through all the steps... and started implementing everything I had taught him.

As of May, he had made N7.5Million. It was not even up to one year yet.

(See screen shot below) 

He said;  “I started as a total newbie with zero experience on making money online. And I wasn't good with Computers at the time. But my results have been beyond my expectations. I fully recommend Mr Toyin’s program”

-Olagoke Oladotin

And there’s Nwanneka Caleb who makes over N500k weekly

And They're many others who now makes a lot of money weekly spending a couple hour of their spare-time everyday online implementing this new Income generator program

Emmanuel Made N3.5million running this as a side-hustle

Joy Crossed N1million in 1month

Uchendu Has Made Over N3.2million

And you know what these people have in common? 

I’ll tell you:

They all started from scratch

It was the first time they were hearing about this amazing income-generator system. 

Yet, after taking their time to study it and implement what they learned...

They are now making more money than they ever thought possible. And I’m confident you can too,  Once I show you how.

How The Spare-time Income Generator Works.

Here’s what this is about:

You’ll be getting paid every Friday when you recommend useful information to people who are already willing to pay for them.

Using a simple letter much like the one you’re reading right now (Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to come up with one really fast, even if you hate writing)

It’s like discovering an exciting (and legitimate) opportunity that can help a friend in need, and sharing it with them on Monday

Then, they’re excited about this opportunity, they choose to give it a try on Tuesday morning by paying for a special training you recommended, and then you...

Get Paid on Friday!

Up to 50% of the money your friend paid.

So let’s say your friend paid N35,000 for the training(Remember this is information that is useful to them, so you’re not tricking or scamming anybody)

Your share of that money he/she paid is N17,500

Now, that may not seem like a lot of money.

But here’s why this system is so wonderful.

You’re not just talking to one friend.

You’re talking to thousands of people who are desperately looking for information and opportunities very much like the one you’ll be recommending to them…

And this is super easy, thanks to the internet and the way the spare-time income generator is designed.

As I was saying...

When you recommend a training like the one you recommended to your friend to tens of thousands of Nigerians...

And just 25 people pay for the training in one month:

That's 25 x N35,000 = N875,000.

Now, of course, someone (an expert in his/her field) facilitated that training you recommended to your friend… 

And they'll have to take at least 50% of the proceeds since they put in a lot of time and effort into creating the materials for the training.

Which leaves you with a share of 50%. 

Divide N875,000 by 2 and you have...

An Additional N437,500

For Only 2-hours of Work Per Day

Not bad right?

Of course, this is just a small example. 

With over 20-million active Nigerians on Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram…

You could be making a lot more, up to 5x that amount, as you’ll see.

And the amazing thing is:

You can set it up (using the steps I’ll show you), go do other things and let the internet do 80% of the work for you.

Then you wake up on Friday morning, check your phone and see that you’ve received a new credit alert from your bank.

At first (like Mrs Onome, Our Physics teacher friend)... you’ll find it hard to believe that...

The Money you’ve made with Your Spare-Time Between Sunday and Thursday is More Than Your Monthly Salary!

But after a while, you’ll get used to receiving alerts every Friday (as long as you follow what I show you)

Now, before I get to the specifics of how you can easily create your own spare-time income generator, there’s a very important point I want to make.

This is not a “get rich quick” scheme.

This is a serious opportunity for those who are eager to earn at least N400,000 in extra income every month for as long as you want it.

All the real life testimonials on this page are proof that the Spare-Time Income generator is a great opportunity anyone with the drive to earn more money can succeed with.

I can give you everything you need…

But you must be willing to learn and implement the simple seven-step structure of this automatic money-maker I’m about to introduce you to.

If not, then you should...

Stop right here!

I don’t even want to have anything to do with you.

However, if you’d like to explore the Spare-time income generator system as a way for you to leave the rat race behind and make big money with your spare-time, 

If you are willing to give this your most honest effort … then you should be very excited about this opportunity.

I have just launched a brand-new initiative that I think has the power to increase your earning capacity.

It’s a way for you to learn everything you need to know about using your spare time to make at least N400,000 every month online….. 

And it’s just perfect for the harsh economic impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

Even if the Global Economy is almost on a stand still

Even if a lot of Businesses are struggling...

Even if Countries are closing their borders…

You’ll still be making a lot of money from home, without stress.

Wait... Are you still on this page?

Well, if you're still on this page reading more about this business model

It means you're interested and would like to start makin some good legit online money too like myself and other good Nigerians like you

There is no time for delay... Let me get you started immediately. 

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