VIDEO TRAINING: How to Make Atleast N500k Per Month Running An eCommerce business

 The Practical steps I Used to Recently Pulled in Over N2m In 5weeks

If you haven't seen the video, then you should make sure you watch it Now before I pull it down

What you're going to learn from watching the video could change your financial background forever

You see, I've spent the first 24 years of my life having to worry about money

The shame and discomfort that comes with being broke wouldn't allow me rest

So, I started searching for an extra source of income

I've now spent the last 4 years of my life, 9 hours daily studying about different business models

What I learnt during time would never make me to ever have to worry about money again in my life

Not because I run politics or have a rich family to support me

But, simply because I have mastered the steps and strategies needed to make money online selling
product that people wants to buy

I recently pulled in over N2.2million in 5weeks selling a teeth whitening kit - I spoke about the same
strategies I used to make it happen - you can see proofs from the video above

I get a whooping N6,300 profit from each sales of the product

And I sold over 350pcs within the 5 weeks using a simple selling strategy that took me over 4 years to master

And now... I have decided to GIVE EVERYTHING

EVERYTHING That Brought Me Over N2.2million in 5weeks

Yeah... I will be giving EVERYTHING to members of my E-commerce Inner-circle Mastermind starting from this
Sunday 13th 2020

E-commerce Inner-circle Mastermind - EICM for short

My E-commerce Inner-circle Mastermind: It's a special private group I created to help some VERY few people
to build a sustainable income running eCommerce business

You see, if you are lucky to be a part of my E-commerce Inner-circle Mastermind here is what is going to happen

I'm going to hold you by hand and practical show you how to make nothing less than N200,000 or above before the end of this month

Yeah Before this month clock 30th

How would that be possible?

Okay, let me explain...

I'm having a closed training online with the members of my EICM (E-commerce Inner-circle Mastermind)

The training would last for 4 weeks

  • Week 1: I will practically show and help you import the same product from China that made me over N2m
  • Week 2: Show you and help you set up the marketing system and website to sell it
  • Week 3: Show you and help you set up Facebook advert to sell it 
  • Week 4: Teach you how to quickly deliver the product to your customers

Now Imagine making over N6,000 profit each product you sell

Now imagine selling just 50 pcs before this month runs out

What about 100 pcs

Abi 500 pcs

The only thing I wouldn't have to do for you, is to help you spend your money

Except you would want to send some to my account as a gift to thank me for helping you build a business - which I would gladly collect accept

Here is what you get as a member of my EICM

First you would get access to a unique way I use to find and import product without getting into the hands of 419 on alibaba (Value N10,000)

Secondly, You would get access to my China Shipping and forwarding agent - Value (N15,000)

Thirdly, You are going to learn how use simple page builders a professional page on your website in minutes - (Value N25,000) 

Fourth, You're going to get a free lifetime license to a simple page builder called Thrive architect - (Value N25,000)

Fifth, I'm going to teach you how to run effective Facebook ads that you can even advertise your other business online (Value N30,000)

Sixth, You're going to get access to all my Nigerian delivery agent, the sames ones I use - (Value N5,000)

...And That's Not All

You're going to have access to my contact - (Value - Priceless)

I'm also going to EXPOSE YOU to the SAME product that I will be selling this X-mas period - (Value N100,000)

This product alone will make me millions in profit

But you see to join my Ecommerce Inner-circle Mastermind isn't FREE

That's because nothing good comes easy

There is a price to be paid for everything good thing you want to achieve

You see the last guy that I allowed into my EICM paid N 200,000

Yeah simply because he understood the value that comes with joining my EICM

But then, I won't make you pay N 200,000 or anything close to that

You wouldn't even have to pay N 100,000 or anything close to it

On a good day, I could charge you N 50,000 but I won't do that

And that's because I understand that the world is currently in financial mess

Yeah the Covid-19 pandemic spoilt a lot of things

And because I was once a frustrated graduated who survived with a N 5,000 monthly pay
for more than 6 months

Yeah I understand

And that's is why I have decided to make you join my EICM for just N20,000

Yeah N 20,000 outright payment

But you see, immediately I introduced my E-commerce Inner-circle Mastermind to some few Nigerians

My email and phone has been flooded with messages by some other Nigerians like you who are
very much interested in joining right away... but then money seem to be a problem for them

Many of them has been seriously, asking me and begging me to allow them join my EICM via installment

I really don't like doing... but then I really want to help

And as a good person that I am

I have decided to allow 4 install-mental payment process spread within 4 weeks of the training

So, you can take hold of this opportunity to by paying N 5,000 NOW

The class starts on Sunday and I will be shutting down the registration portal very soon

Or use this link to pay:

Or Transfer N5,000

ACCT NAME: Emmanuel Adiotu

FCMB Bank: 3327361013

FIRST BANK: 3129780682

After payment, send your name, phone number and email to 07042345351 and your payment would be confirmed and you would be given access straight up

See you inside the EICM 

Emmanuel Adiotu

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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