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How To Start An Online Business That Generates Between N500k - N75ok a Month

Written by: Emmanuel Adiotu

April 4th, 2021 - Lekki, Lagos (2 mins read)

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April 2016, I rounded up my program from the Yaba College of Technology (Yabatech) in Lagos state 

Months later, I applied and got an admission for a DLI program in the university of Ibadan (UI) - BSC degree in Psychology

A year into the program, I dropped out and gave up my plans of furthering for a bigger certificate

A week before I dropped out. 

I made a list of what it would cost me to live a comfortable life in Lagos

I got this idea of breaking down your target income like this

So, I wrote down the following expenses based on a daily basis.

With that I would know how much I needed to make per month.

The list went like this:

- 1 bedroom flat in Lekki - (N600,000/year or N1,645 daily)
- Toyota Camry 2006 – N1.8million or N4,930 daily
- Food and Domestics – N3,000 daily
- Wardrobe – N45k/month or N1500 daily
- Internet connection – N15k/month or N500 daily
- Fuel (petrol and gas) – N2000 daily
- DSTV – N15k/month or N500 daily
- Savings - N4,000 daily
TOTAL - N18,075 daily

That meant I needed an income flow of approximately N500,000 a month

As at then, the highest paying job I knew was that of a friend who got a job through his dads connection to work with a government official with a pay of 150k a month in Abuja

The odds were so low for me

I have got no connection - the only thing I would have to rely to live a comfortable life was my BSC certificate if I had to continue with the program 

I wasn't asking for too much - I just wanted to live a comfortable life

Based on my list, I would need to earn around N500k a month to make that happen

I didn't see the possibilities of making this much from a monthly job

So, I dropped out from my BSC program and decided to learn about running a business


Now that you're reading this, I'm not asking you to also drop out of school

In Today's world, You need not to be an illiterate - school is very important

For me then, I already had my certificate from Yabatech

I only wanted to get a bigger one so as to earn a bigger income 

I grew up, thinking that higher certificate = higher income

Maybe I was right or wrong... who knows

Back to my story, I dropped out and started learning about different business models with high profits

At first, I did a lot of try and error

Eventually, I set up a new online business that gave me an income of N200,000 at the start.

Few months later, I put in more effort into it and moved my monthly income to N500,000 a month.

As at today, I have now successfully grown 3 online businesses that I operate remotely

Late 2019, I bought and invested 2 cars into the Uber business (I don't drive these cars myself)

I currently live alone in a spacious two bedroom apartment in the expensive part of Lekki, Lagos

And I try not to miss my once-a-year vacation outside the country

Last year, I spent my 14-days vacation in Dubai and I visited a lot of nice places

Below are some of the pictures I took during my vacation

They're lovely... right? 

Trust me, Dubai is a very nice place to visit. you should try and visit it too

Last week, I shared a bit of my success story and ever since my DM has been flooded with chats, sms & emails of people asking that I recommend a profitable business model

And If I'm to recommend a highly profitable business model to anyone with little or no business idea

I would recommend: The Almighty Affiliate Marketing Business

In 2018, just when I started learning more about how to run affiliate marketing business

Despite all the tries and errors & little time invested, I still managed to make over N1.6million profit

First, this is not a Ponzi scheme where you're asked to put in 10k to get 20k

And it is also not an MLM business where you're asked to bring 5 persons to earn a particular amount of money

Affiliate Marketing: is a simple business model where you connect buyers to seller and then you get commission for doing so

Let's say you know of a seller selling a coaching program on how to cook sweet African meals 

And then you have a married female friend whose marriage is about to end due to her poor cooking skills

You can simply help her by recommending the product to this your married female friend in other to help her keep her marriage 

If this your friend decides and buy this program. 

The seller would give you a commission for being the one who brought the buyer

It's a win - win situation

Your friend gets to save her marriage 

The seller makes some money

And you also make some money too

In 2019, I met a Canada based Nigerian guy who has a program on how Nigerians can successfully relocate to Canada without having to pay travel agents huge sum of money to help them with the process

He sells the program for N25,000

And offers to pay 50% (N12,500) commission for every buyers I get for him

With the power of social media, I got 137 persons to buy his program within a short period of time

Run the calculation

That's N12,500 x 137 = N1,712,500


Truth is...

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most profitable business model I feel anyone can run remotely

And here is why...

- It doesn't require a lot of start-up capital

- It doesn't require a lot of hard work to make it work

- It is damn profitable

- You can run it from anywhere in the world (even while still holding on to your 9-5 job)

- It's legal, simple and anyone could run it

Anyway, I have decided to share EVERYTHING during my FREE online business training class coming up on Sunday, 11th of April 2020

Yeah! I'm going to show EVERYTHING that I did to succeed in the business so you can also follow through my steps

Date: Sunday, 11th of April 2020

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